About Us



Welcome to the new Diamond B Barrel Racing Association website! We are happy to see you are looking to run with us for another fun season.  We are looking forward to implementing the new format we have come up with. We have taken a little bit form all the associations we work with and put them into one, hoping we will have great success in keeping it fair for all racers from the 1-D to the 5-D. 

We know we are going to hit growing pains and we will deal with each one of those fairly as they come up. Please be patient and know that everything we decide is in the best interest of all involved. 


Get Excited!

The new format will be based on the rider. Each rider will have a chance to collect points by attending races that are Prime Diamond B sanctioned or co-sanctioned by other producers. The points format will give everyone the chance to receive the same amount of points no matter what division you run in.

Our competition year will go from Tuesday September 11th 2018 threw Sunday September 10th 2019 with our Finals being October 11th-13th 2019. 

More info on finals can be found on the finals page.


A Little History.

                                                                            My husband Robert and I started Diamond B Barrel Racing in 2012 after spending 4 years producing as an NBHA producer and decided we needed to bring more of a personal touch to our races for our local girls. In the 2017-2018 season we decided it was time to expand and run our business as an association and provide the central and southern California barrel racers with a fun finals closer to home! All of our races are family oriented and we try to help boost those just starting out, as well as those that have been running for years. 

It takes a huge effort to produce these races and we have some amazing people who work behind the scenes to help us make all of our races the best we can. 

 If you need any other info, Please let us know.
Tina & Robert Bird
Diamond B Barrel Racing