Bo-V Arena

21254 Tamaron Dr

Tehachapi, Ca. 93561

McCaslins Arena

23751 Sidding Rd

Bakersfield, Ca. 93314

DW Performance Horses

Deven Warren

11863 Road 200

Porterville, Ca. 93257

Unity Farms Inc

Ashley Cates -Leibbrand

8480 Road 264

Terra Bella, Ca. 93270

Triple C Ranch Horse Hotel

Kimberly Hatch

5818 S. Fairfax Rd

Bakersfield, Ca. 93307

Coopers Arena

Cathy Cooper

32828 El Sastre Rd

Acton, Ca. 93510


We appreciate all of our fellow producers coming on board to co sanction their races with us and, give all the members the chance to get their qualified runs in and get points for year end awards. If it wasn't for their support this would be a lot harder  for us to do. 


DW Performance Horses ~ Deven Warren

Triple C Ranch ~ Kimberly Hatch

Unity Farms Inc. ~ Ashley Cates - Liebbrand

Coopers Arena ~ (PCBRA)  Cathy Cooper

RCR Ranch ~ Paso Robles. ~Elly Leslie

Summerlan Ranch ~ Barbara Summers

Breeze E Ranch ~ Jan Evanson

McCarthy Arena ~ Caliente ~ Jenna Iverson

California Christian Barrel Racers Association

Double S Horse Ranch ~ Alex Simpson

Rava Arena, King City ~ Wendy Sans

Wonder Valley Ranch ~ Debin Crouse

Copper Creek Ranch 


All race dates must be submitted and approved with proper paperwork to the DBBR office 7 days prior to planned event. This is necessary to allow for proper time for the event to be posted on the DBBR website and Facebook pages. At this time all sanctioning request will need to be sent to our email with all of the race info, once you have a producers agreement on file. Please provide race date, Arena name and address, Producer contact name and phone number, Added money, entry fees, additional cost (arena fees ect..) classes being offered. Start times for time onlies and sign ups along with time the entries will be cut off. 

Co-Sanctioning with Diamond B Barrel Racing requires each producer to charge the $5 run fee to all DBBR members that want there run to count towards year end points and qualifiers. 

The producers are required to email us a copy of the full Open results within 24 hours of the race. Then the fees collected from that race can be sent via paypal to if you chose to send the results and money this route then you will need to also send a list of who paid there fees witht the emailed results. Otherwise send a list of whom paid with the race recap sheet and open results.

McCaslins Arena Rules

In order for us to run at this arena we have to keep the surrounding farmers/neighbors happy. There is absolutely NO parking in the orchards, NO riding horses in the orchards either. There are not to be any truck and trailers parked on the West side of the dirt road leading into the arena. You can park on the west side up against the white pipe fencing or in the 2 pastures we have for parking.  If you drive into the first pasture there is one all the way back to the East that is all dirt. That is parking as well. We appreciate everyone following the rules so that we may continue to use this great facility.