Each  membership purchased is $50.00 

For those of you that will be membering multiple horses, the first horse is $50 the second will be $50 and all additional membership after two are $40.00 each.

 Each membership purchased must attend ten races to qualify for year end awards and attend the Finals.

Categories Offered

We will be running the following categories:

*Open ~ Will run as a 4-D at local races but will be a 5-D at finals.

*Juniors ~ Are age 14 and under. They must run in the youth category at all races. They are only allowed to run in an Open, if they attend a co-sanction race that does not offer the youth. Points will always be awarded in a 4-D format.

*Novice ~ Is for horses that have not won over $300 in LTE or A novice rider that is to old to be a youth. The novice horses are not eligible to run in the Futurity classes. This is usually horses behind in training and not at the level of a Futurity horse or horses that are to old to Futurity or Derby. This is for members that want to start running barrels but dont fit in the Open class. If you are running a competitive 3D - 4D open time, you are not qualified to run in the Novice. It is up to the discretion of Diamond B Barrel Racing if you qualify for this class or not and you can be bumped to the correct class if you enter it and do not fit the requirements.

***When attending races co sanctioned by other producers always enter the open. Except for the Youth, they may enter the youth instead of the open. Not all other producers will offer the Novice, or youth categories. When you enter the open jackpot, then we receive those results your points will be awarded in your actual category.


We will run a points system. Points will be awarded from 100 down to 10 in 10 point increments. Starting with 100 points to the fastest member-ed rider in each division. For example:

1st 1-D 100

2nd        90

3rd         80

1st 2-D 100

2nd        90

3rd         80


This way each rider, even those in the 4-D have a chance at reaching the top 10 in points for year end awards.

If a member only has one membership but runs two horses at at jackpot, they will get points on the fastest horse of that day. Say your 1st horse ran is a 1st in the 4D with an 18.6 but your second horse ran is 12th in the 2D with a 16.9 you will get the points on the 2D run. If you have two memberships and run 2 horses your membership 1 will always collect points on the faster run and membership 2 will get the points on the second horse ran. 

Each member will also receive 50 participation point for each race entered. To receive participation points you must cross the timing eyes and get a time.


 To receive a time at any DBBRA sanctioned race you must enter the arena and cross the timing eyes. If you miss your run or turn out, you will not receive any points or attendance points.

Hit barrels are a no time and will not receive points but will still receive attendance points. You can not win a check with a hit barrel.

Paid places in the payout are determined by the total number of riders, entry fees and added money for each jackpot. The last hole in the 4D/5D is required to pay a minimum of the entry fee paid to enter (less and arena/co sanction fees).  

NOVICE: Will still be a horse rider membership because these are horses that have won less than $300 in LTE and are not running competitive in the open class yet.  

Points will be audited by a second person  and updated on the website. We are trying to do this at least once a month. Riders must notify the office of any point discrepancies within 60 days of the race in question via email.  Management reserves the right to make point adjustments as they see fit and fair at any time. If after 60 days you do not notify us that there is a problem with your points the points posted are final!  


Co-Sanctioned Races

When a member attends a co-sanctioned race it is your responsibility to make sure you pay the $5.00 fee AND put your member number on the entry form. If you have not gotten a number yet then put PEND in the number spot so they know you are a member and PLEASE MAKE SURE it is clear on your entry that you PAID the $5 co sanction fee. 

At the end of the race the producer will send a copy of the race results to us with a list of the paid members. We will award points to the paid members only, for that race.

Producers Rules

Producers, we follow the WPRA rule book for MOST of our rules. I say most because we are not a rodeo setting but do try to follow the same criteria as they do if it fits the situation. If you have a question about any of the rules please email us at and we will get you an answer. 

Unsportman like conduct to any member or family of a member will not be tolerated! This can be punished with a fine or loss of points possibly even disqualified and your membership revoked. 

We try to keep it easy, fun and always fair at our races. Lets race and enjoy the year.